DLP know how to open the world

The direction of DLP is to be a system supplier
DLP defines itself today, as a development supplier of complete system solutions. The development of the products for complete solutions, strengthens our position in the market, and gives us a reputation as a supplier of producing technical solution not just a producer of products. DLP thinks about the entire system and provide the customer a complete solution that works well within the complete assembly. This has been our philosophy for over a century and has helped make us the quality supplier that we are today.

DLP profits from synergies
In today’s challenging marketplace, we are pleased to announce that Weston Body Hardware and D. La Porte have reached an agreement to come together to form a strategic alliance whilst retaining their own independence and individual business identities. Both companies have extensive product ranges and trade globally in their own right, offering conceptual design capabilities to a diversified customer base.
Weston Body Hardware is a leading hardware manufacturer of locks, handles, latches, hinges and associated products, providing Access Control Solutions to Off-Highway, Large Fabricated Enclosures and Specialist Vehicle Markets.

DLP prepares for next target, 14001
The fact we have been certified and qualified in DIN EN ISO 9001 is the optimal preparation for DLP's next target: The QS 9000. This guarantees our customers that our quality systems are up to date now and in the future. The requirements of QS 9000 are set within the industry by a global quality management group that will set new levels for innovative solutions. DLP always sets targets of process improvements that our customers profit from.

DLP concentrates on systems
More than normal closing systems - DLP equips customer applications with complete systems and solutions.

DLP develops a global marketing system
Customer proximity creates customer connection. In our key markets we provide direct access to DLP personal in the customer's local time zone without going through a distribution network. This is true anywhere in the world where our customers design and build their products.


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